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46 foul balls are hit per game historically.

Many of these will find their way into the seats by being hit or tossed in by a coach, player, umpire, ball retriever, or security. 

Do you know your odds of getting one? Our calculators will help you determine them.

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A brief history of why we get to keep balls:

Reuben Berman. May 16, 1921. This is the man and the date that changed history for baseball fans as it relates to foul balls.

 It was on that day nearly 100 years ago that a fan refused to return a foul ball he had caught while at a New York Giants game at the Polo Grounds. After being escorted from the game, Berman sued. AND WON! He actually didn’t sue to keep the ball, but for mental and physical anguish suffered as a result of being escorted out. As security was coming for him, he chucked the ball into the crowd; that historic foul ball has been lost to history. Berman was awarded $100, essentially allowing him to keep the ball he’d tossed away. Fear of another lawsuit prompted the Giants to change their rules about foul balls and homerun balls being team property even when the balls were no longer in play (The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd ed.). The Cubs had already been allowing fans to keep foul balls, but it was this case that prompted the Giants and the rest of the teams to finally allow fans to keep these souvenirs (though it did take a few years for all teams to finally get on board with the idea).

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