This Week in Foul Balls (Week 21: August 28 – September 3): Captain Obvious, Dumplin’ Wheeler and Aybar’s Hug

Admittedly, weeks where there are few foul ball events are rare! And I’m happy to say that last week was an anomaly. Now we appear to be back to more interesting foul ball happenings. Week 21 of baseball is over, and the foul ball fun keeps on going and going an going. Welcome back to this week’s version of “TWIFB Notes” (This Week in Foul Balls). In this weekly post, I look at the best and worst foul ball moments in Major League Baseball…and sometimes Minor League Baseball…and sometimes softball and high school baseball.

First, our running total of foul ball hits in the facial area, or what I call “Foul Ball Facials”, as they are reported ONLY on Twitter. This is the count after 21weeks of play:


MLB Foul Ball Facials re: Twitter

  • 112 in 149 days
  • 50 using phone
  • 6 too drunk to move
  • 1 Hit TWICE!
  • 25 hurt GOING for ball



The Hall of Fame/Fun

Calm, cool and collected, Watch New York Mets reporter Steve Gelbs barehand a foul ball while on the air. Granted it wasn’t going as fast as it could have been, but it’s still impressive. One hand, while on air.


Technically, this is a double and not a foul ball, but you just gotta see this. Confusion reigned in the CPBL (Chengcing Lake Baseball League) after a ball got stuck between the railing and foul pole.


This youngster at a Kansas City Royals Game last week is a perfect example of why baseball is so wonderful. Look at this reaction to getting a foul ball.

Captain Obvious missed a foul ball at a Washington NationalsNew York Mets showdown last week. Seriously. I’m not being mean. He honestly did. And he advertised that fact.




The Hall of Shame/Lame

The Tin Caps had a foul ball story last week. Apparently a fan is ticked off the extra netting didn’t protect her head. There’s another big ol’ ‘I TOLD YOU EXTRA NETTING IS DUMB’ story for me to add to the growing list. ‘nuff sed.


Honorable Mentions

Gotta love not having to move to make a snag on a ball. This young Oakland Athletics fan had the luck of the Irish on his side.

Love all around. Erick Aybar didn’t come up with a foul ball headed for the stands, so he hugged a young fan instead. During the second game of Saturday’s Los Angeles DodgersSan Diego Padres doubleheader, Aybar missed the ball, so decided to make a fan’s day by hugging him.

Chase Taylor, a boy hit by a foul ball way back on August 8 at a Stone Crabs game, got to meet Tim Tebow…what I like about the story isn’t that part, but that his mom’s dad was named “Dumplin’ Wheeler”.