This Week in Foul Balls (Week 22-23: September 4- 17): Ballboys, Fan Snags, and A Boy Beats an Adult

Admittedly, weeks where there are few foul ball events are rare! At least that’s what I claimed during the week of the eclipse. But apparently it’s more common than I thought. Because Week 22 was a lackluster week for great things related to foul balls, I’ve decided to combine Weeks 22 and 23.

That said, Week 23 of baseball is over, and the foul ball fun keeps on going and going an going. Welcome back to this week’s version of “TWIFB Notes” (This Week in Foul Balls). In this weekly post, I look at the best and worst foul ball moments in Major League Baseball…and sometimes Minor League Baseball…and sometimes softball and high school baseball.

First, our running total of foul ball hits in the facial area, or what I call “Foul Ball Facials”, as they are reported ONLY on Twitter. This is the count after 22 weeks of play:

#MLB #FoulBallFacials re: Twitter

  • 114 in 163 days
  • 53 using phone
  • 7 too drunk to move
  • 25 hurt GOING for ball



The Hall of Fame/Fun

How about signing up this kid? Check out this St. Louis Cardinals batboy make a leaping barehanded catch. The dugout isn’t the only group impressed! Barehanded snag. See what paying attention can help you do?

I’m usually not all that impressed by fans who snag balls while handling food, but there are some catches that are, in fact, worthy of taking note. This is one such instance: This San Diego Padres fan was able to catch a foul ball while balancing BBQ in the other hand.

NICE! This kid stole a foul ball on the fly from an adult lined up for it. Granted, it’s a bit rude, and I’d be all over the adult if they did it to a kid, BUT seeing a kid do it is different somehow. Check out this young Oakland Athletics fan swipe it from the adult. And props for him bring a glove.

The Hall of Shame/Lame

This could be categorized under “fun” but this ball guy flubbed this pretty well, so I’m putting it here. Check out this San Francisco Giants ball guy who took a spill attempting to grab a foul ball. The article claims he “recovered beautifully”; that’s up for debate though.

Honorable Mentions

I’ll give the guy an “Honorable Mention.” It’s a pretty solid snag. There have been better, but let’s give it to him, a fan who made a barehanded catch while keeping his water bottle intact, is worthy of some attention. Not as much as the guy with the BBQ, but still, a solid effort.