This Week in Foul Balls (May 28 – June 3): A Leaping Snag, Hero Parents, More Child Endangerment by Parents, and My Lawsuit Against Little League

The 2018 MLB baseball season rolls on, and with it the foul ball fun keeps on going and going. Welcome back to this week’s version of “TWIFB Notes” (‘This Week in Foul Balls’). In this weekly post, I look at the best and worst foul ball moments in Major League Baseball…and sometimes Minor League Baseball…and sometimes softball and high school baseball.

First, my running total of foul ball hits in the facial area, or what I call “Foul Ball Facials”, as they are reported ONLY on Twitter. This is the count so far:

#MLB #FoulBallFacials via Twitter 2018 RUNNING TOTALS through 6/3:

111 total

  • 13 Flat out hit (11.7%)
  • 34 Phone/not watching (30.6%)
  • 4 PARENTAL NEGLECT! (1 gave son bloody nose!)
  • 9 Ricochet/Other (.08%)
  • 51 going for ball (46%)
  • 1 BRAWL!! (Anaheim)
  • 24 net fails

Compare to last season stats:

TOTAL: 136

  • 61 Using phone
  • 8 DRUNK
  • 32 going for ball
  • 18 just hit (most parental endangerment)

93.6% Self-inflicted injuries


Sign this guy up! The vertical leap he makes in the upper decks from a seated position is impressive. To snag the foul ball one-handed at the San Diego Padres game last week makes this a highlight for sure!

This is fantastic! Did you see Carlos Gomez borrow an Oakland Athletics fan’s sunglasses to wear in the field and then gave him a foul ball? If not, here it is:


It seems there are a few parents who understand not only how to sit and where to sit when they bring a child to a baseball game, but there are also sane parents who realize sometimes shit happens and it’s nobodies fault. I praise these Joplin parents for realizing that the horrible thing that happened to their kid was just that: A very unfortunate accident.


Over the weekend, I reached for a foul tip at my son’s machine pitch game. I misjudged it, it ricocheted off my thumb and nailed me in the chin. I’ve decided to sue Little League for endangering my life. I’m following the lead of Andy Zlotnick on this, who insists leagues are responsible for protecting their fans regardless of whether or not the fan made a poor choice and got themselves injured. I will be calling him and Joe Nocera as witnesses for my case, because they are the biggest advocates for netting and have copious amounts of statistical data to use so I win my case. It’s a shame it has to be this way, but since I have two “big names” saying I’m not responsible for my injuries, despite having reached out my hand to get the ball, I think it best I send a message to Little League…after all, more people have died at Little League games than have in 100 years of Major League Baseball.

Over the weekend, you might have see this headline: “Rockies fan hit in eye by foul ball at Coors Field”. The damage ain’t pretty. I feel for the guy. After my foul ball injury going for the ball–like this guy did–I fuly understand why people like Zlotnick and Nocera think teams should be held accountable for fans making their own decisions. Fans are definitely too stupid to make their own decisions and we’re clearly great at fielding baseballs, just like how the professionals on the field snag EVERY SINGLE BALL…they NEVER misjudge the ball. EVER. I hope this guy’s okay. That’s one helluva shiner!

Again, where the hell were the parents on this? Why was the child left unattended during a baseball game?!?


As I’ve mentioned many a-times before, these moments are pretty common, but no less cool. Check out this Chicago White Sox fan who barehanded a foul ball and downed his beer in triumph completely embrace the moment..