The FoulBallz 2017 MLB and MiLB Predictions: A Look Forward to the New Season of America’s Pasttime, Part II

In the past I’ve presented the baseball universe with some predications for the upcoming season. I see no reason to stop. So without further ado, here’s what I see happening this season:

  1. The Tampa Bay Rays make plans to relocate their stadium half way between Tampa and Miami to capitalize on the lack of another team. They rename themselves the Florida Manatees.
  2. Max Scherzer asks to be traded back to the Tigers so he doesn’t have to bat anymore.
  3. That whole nasty St. Louis Cardinals hacking computers thing continues to be forgotten.
  4. All teams will want to be part of National Foul Ball Week, May 16-21, 2017. But only a few can be since not all teams play at home that week.
  5. Due in part of extended netting, games will add another 4 minutes this year.
  6. All teams will realize bullpens are pointless and cut them in an effort to save money through the cut in payroll and fans will love that the game is nearly 10 minutes shorter suddenly.
  7. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will remain my favorite baseball museum of all time, better than Cooperstown. Gates’ BBQ will remain my favorite KC BBQ place too.
  8. There will be a World Series. (Hey, there have been strike shortened seasons; it COULD happen.)
  9. MLB announces a new off-season option for players: World touring teams. The teams will consist of free agents playing teams in Japan, S. Korea, N. Korea (Kim Jong Il IS their team; he does it all. When beat, he launches WW III), Canada (not the Blue Jays), and South and Central America.
  10. As a way to allow free agents who haven’t been signed by the time Spring Training arrives or been invited to Spring Training, MLB announces traveling free agent teams which will play against other teams in Spring Training. The team is called the Unwanted. People hate the name, but love seeing the free agents playing…perhaps for the last time in The Show.

As you can see when combining this wiht Part I, it’s gonna be an interesting season. Lots of changes. Lots of improvements. All for the best. I’m especially certain about Max Scherzer returning to the Tigers.  

Feel free to leave you thoughts on what will happen during the 2017 season.

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