Red Sox Nation, Carlos Gomez and the Blue Jays: Foul Ball Plays of May 18 – 24

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we are going to bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of May 18-24, who’s Got Balls?

1) Our undisputed TOP spot goes to Carlos Gomez. He looped a foul ball into the stands during a Braves/Brewers game. That foul ball nailed a boy. But that’s not why we’ve put this at number one. It’s the response by Carlos and other players of the Braves and Brewers to that incident. The boy was rushed to the hospital. After the game, Carlos and others went to visit the boy. Carlos gets a lot of flack, but no one can deny him this: He’s a class act…at least off the field. And that should count for something.

2) Michael Wacha got nailed by a foul while in the dugout last week. There was a scan and it turns out that there’s a LONG term for having a “boo-boo”. We’ll stick with, “That definitely hurt, and it left a “boo-boo.”

3) We’ll give this Blue Jays ballboy some mad props for the effort:

4) Red Sox fans are nuts. Why do we say this? Because every single week there’s something about them as it pertains to foul balls. Last week, though it didn’t make our list because it was a home run ball, one fan fell down in the parking lot running for a ball. But you can see how many times we’ve put them in for fouls too. This past week, Red Sox fans—or at least fans at Red Sox games—ruled the web. We’ve combined them all into #4:

Here’s one. Red Sox CEO gives away ball:

Here’s another. The fans all suck at fielding a foul ball:

Then there was our exchange with @FenwayBallhawk on Twitter, in which she informed us of her battle with another fan over some property of a beloved follower of our, Jose Bautista, aka @JoeyBats??. In this story, she got a hat. Another fan ran down and ripped it form her hat (actually man handled her for it! When it was in her clearly full possession. Talk about a jackass fan!). She came out of it unscathed thankfully, but seriously folks, what the hell are some people thinking…or aren’t they?

And then there’s this guy. Technically it’s not a “foul ball” but a ground rule double that hopped out of play. Still. It happened at Fenway. Tellin’ ya. There’s something going on with the Red Sox, especially at Fenway. Did you see that nearly 90 degree change in the direction the ball took?

Finally, this guy…


5) It seemed to be a week of foul ball facials too. Not only did that whole horrible thing go down with Carlos Gomez. It’s not pretty. Then there was also this one. Yes, we know it’s not a foul ball, but it is tossed out of bounds as a dead ball, so technically, that’s our purview. The guy charges over for a ball tossed into the seats, puts his hands up to catch it and…well, just watch.

6) How many times have we seen something like this? Some idiot, oblivious to all others, goes for a foul ball (or homerun) and falls on someone. Dude! WTF?!?

7) This is just wrong. Messin’ with someone’s nachos at a game is just inexcusable. I hope this guy paid for a new pile.

8) Beer guy! This is awesome. Granted, the foul ball hitting the cotton candy vendor and spraying it all over fans is funnier, but this is just super-duper cool. Does he even realize it happened? Hard to tell:

9) This is from LATE last week. We wanted it up though. It’s impressive reflexes that Carlos Ruiz has:

10) We like seeing kids make great snags. Even with gloves. Check out this young Yankees fan:

Reminder: PLEASE pay attention at games! If you’re a parent, pay special attention. As parents we all know it’s hard to split attention, but at least bring a glove and be wary of where you sit. You can use our app to help you locate the WORST places for foul balls too, thus helping to protect your young. As much as we LOVE foul balls, they are dangerous. Be careful!

Have a story or video you’d like to have included in this series? Got a picture or video of a family member embarrassing themselves over a foul ball or making an incredible catch? Email us at [email protected] and it’ll probably be included in our series on foul balls and other plays outside of the lines.