Foul Ball Month in Review (June): Layne, Eckersley, Scully All Have Balls

There’s been a great deal of foul ball action this season. Batters are getting hit, catcher and umps are being knocked out of games. Fielders aren’t better off by much. This foul ball month in review covers the fun and excitement from the second half of June.

And MLB and MiLB fans alike continue to not only make spectacular as well as many questionable snags, but they are getting injured as often as they were when there was no added netting: the average self-report on Twitter has one fan per day getting nailed by a foul in the head area.

Below, I’ve given you a peak into all the foul ball plays and flops during the second half of June.

Umpires and Announcers

June 27: Umpire Jerry Layne was leveled, floored, knocked out. It was in the 8th inning with one out in the Indians v. Braves game, the Braves batter Nick Markakis fouled a Tommy Hunter 92-mph fastball. The foul nailed Layne in the right side.

This is not Layne’s first run in with a foul ball. About three months ago he had to dodge another one. That one was down the first baseline. He got nailed and had to leave the game then too.


June was a good month to be an announcer and snag a foul. Both Vin Scully and Dennis Eckersley both had their moment in the sun, both sealing their destiny as top ballhawking announcers.

Scully dropped his down to a fan, making their day.

This is what happened with Dennis Eckersley at the 6/22 White Sox-Red Sox game. Check out the great eye on that ricochet:

Fan Foul Ball Snags

Fans sure love to snag foul balls. I think they get more joy out of them than home run balls. Don’t believe me? Check out this Angels fan who is pumped to have snagged a Mike Trout ball.

There were also a couple dads who decided it was okay to endanger their children by trying to and/or catching a foul ball while holding their child. Common parental response would have been to ensure protection for their child rather than endangering them. It’s just a matter of time before prosecutors being filing changes against these parents for reckless endangerment.

Then there are those moments which just seem to be in the grand design, meant to be. This horseshoe wearing Red Sox obviously had luck on his side and probably some fate:

I’ve mentioned before how we can learn a great deal from our kids about kindness. This young man was taught well by his parents…or he’s practicing his “playa” moves at an early age.


Foul Ball Coolness in General

If you missed it, Allstate won MAJOR brownie points for donating $25,000 to Boys Town. Specifically, “Allstate donated $500 for every foul ball and $1,000 for every home run on opening weekend of the College World Series.” It doesn’t get much cool that that…though “National Foul Ball Week” will certainly give it a try. 🙂

Unlike the last two seasons, there’s been a drought when it comes to ballboy and ballgirl snags. Last month we finally had a good one:

She’s got mad skills. It’s time for MLB and MiLB to open the doors to women players. She gets bonus points for walking it over to the kid and handing it to them, just to make sure some mean adult didn’t steal it.

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