Fan Stories: 10 Questions for Baseball Washington Nationals Uber-Fan Bruno Caretti (a.k.a. The Rally Mullet)

For the next few weeks, will include a series of short interviews with ballhawks and uber-fans of baseball. These fans all agreed to answer 10 simple questions, no pressure, and very little editing. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to get to know these individuals in some capacity through Twitter. I hope you enjoy reading the answers as much as I have.

Next up is Bruno Caretti. He’s best known at “The Rally Mullet-super fan of Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals.” You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRallyMullet or visit his blog at


  1. When did you snag your first ball?

I have gotten a couple batting practice balls but that’s wasn’t my goal. getting a live ball during a game by a batter was my goal. and it was June 18, 2014. Nats vs Astros. I was sitting first row 3rd base line, and low and behold Anthony Rendon was up. He hit a ground ball down the 3rd base foul territory line at Nats Park and I scooped it up off the ground with my glove. It felt he did it on purpose.


  1. What do you think about the extended netting issue?

As much as I think this happens way to often [fans getting hit by foul balls] because fans aren’t paying attention, I do think having extra netting in the ball park is a good idea. Honestly though, if you aren’t paying attention and a ball hits you square in the face then I don’t know what to tell you. Don’t go to games I guess?

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  1. Did you play ball growing up?

Unfortunately, I was not allowed by my parents to participate in any sports in schools. not even church leagues. by the time I was old enough to do things on my own there wasn’t any people I knew who played baseball for teams other than softball and that wasn’t really my thing. I was fortunate enough to play 2 times in an organized game with umpires, wooden bats, the whole nine yards. and I loved the opportunity.


  1. What’s your greatest memory of the game?

Quite honestly it would have to be catching that foul ball during the game, only because it was my favorite player who I got it from.


  1. What’s the worst?

I would have to say NOT being able to play baseball as a kid as worst memory. Like I said parents wouldn’t allow me to play or even try out for school team. and when I tried joining a church league I was also not permitted.


  1. Is there a fav spot in the park to sit?

Obviously without any money concern I’d like to sit behind home plate. only have once at OPACY. but with the cost of those tickets sky high. I really like sitting down the first or third base line front row in Nats Park. so close to the game and able to get foul balls hit down the line every game.


  1. Tips for others?

I would say that getting to the ballpark as soon as the gates open for batting practice and going into the outfield to watch BP is the easiest way of getting balls either from homeruns or by asking players to throw them up. and always asking please and saying thank you to them, players love to hear that.


  1. Any advice for other fans?

If you have kids and bring them be cognizant of your surroundings and don’t get upset if you hear bad words. the ballpark as much as it is for kids is also for adults.

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  1. Prefer MiLB or MLB?

As much as I like MILB because of low cost of tickets and beer prices, I would have to say I prefer the MLB. Because of the whole experience level is that much better. You get to see YOUR heroes play the game at the highest level. The stadium is bigger and you can enjoy higher quality foods.


  1. If you could create a rule, what would it be?

I think it is past time for MLB to have a robot umpire system to call strikes and balls. Keep umpires in the game just have them get buzzed for when it’s a ball or strike. Somehow, I don’t know.


BONUS QUESTION: Anything you’d like to add that’s not covered by the 10 questions?

HAVE YOU been onto a major league field/met any players? I ask this because I have done both. I was lucky enough to win a contest to meet and greet Denard Span and go into the Nats’ dugout. Will never forget that.


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