2018 MLB Parents Endangering Their Kids: The “Winners” Who Are Losers Ignored by Social Services and Police

Every season we see parents being praised for endangering their children while at Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball games. They get highlighted on SportsCenter, on MLBCentral, and on many other media outlets. It’s shameful really. Attorney’s are quick to sue the leagues for injuries to children, but the fact is, most injuries to kids could have been avoided if the parents had used common sense.

Anyone who’s attended even one game of MLB or MiLB ball has seen the signage and heard the announcements warning of the dangers of foul balls and bats which leave the field. These are KNOWN dangers. Common sense, for a smart and loving parent, is to sit their kid in the OF and/or in the upper decks. This gives the parent the best opportunity to protect their child. Common sense also dictates that a parent positions themselves between the playing field and their child, so a ball coming at them means the parent covers the child and the ball hits the parent in the back.

Regrettably, common sense seems to have been removed from the human genome recently. Attorneys are quick to sue MLB and MiLB for endangering the child, though the parents made a conscious decision to endanger their child, and Child Protective Services would rather go after parents who forget to put sunblock on their kids than protecting the kids who are injured as a direct result of parental negligence.

Here are some perfect examples of parents/guardians who are clueless and are in the running for the Stoopidist Parents of the Year. Shame them. They’ve earned it.


Each of the following are videos of parents who recklessly endangered their children by going for a ball while holding their kid. Common sense and good parenting would dictate you shield your kid. I guess these morons missed that Parenting 101 memo.







More times than I can count I wanted to put this down as a comment. I did a few times actually:

I heard the Child Protective Services are investigating the parents for child abuse. I guess they feel any parent who ignores the many warning signs and announcements then fails to take precautions to protect their kid is guilty of “willful neglect” and “reckless endangerment”. I’m glad CPS is finally getting involved and investigating these stupid parents who abuse their child. This kid has to live knowing his parents IGNORED warning signs and announcements. They are dangerous parents who don’t care about their kid. They CHOSE to sit in those seats KNOWING the danger. Disgusting. I hope CPS protects that kid and all the others who have been injured due to parental stupidity at baseball games.

I had been told by a reputable source that they were investigating it. But the results were never released. I’m guessing CPS didn’t want to add insult and embarrassment to the injury. Why they wouldn’t is odd to me since they take kids from their parents for much lessor injuries.

MLB Central’s Eric Byrnes Endangers Son and People CELEBRATE!

So, you’re celebrating him endangering his kid?!?! What’s wrong with you?!? He should be castigated for breaking the law. Would you have been praising him if he’d tripped on his kid and hurt him? I wish MLB Central would stop advocating child endangerment, especially when one of their own does it on national TV. A good parent would have turned his back and protected his kid. What a lousy parent! FoulBallz.com hates these parents.

Eric Byrnes On His Diving Catch at Yankee Stadium.


On MLB Central, Eric Byrnes recaps his wild time at Yankee Stadium making a diving catch for a foul ball… while endangering his kid. It’s very despicable behavior, not something that should be celebrated.



What can I say about this?  The site manager and I had it out on Twitter for this. They praised the dad saying he did it correctly…“it” being that he caught the ball. They figured since the kid wasn’t hurt, that it was a great catch. There’s no excuse for this behavior.


You saw this lady in the first “This Week in Foul Balls” of the 2018 MLB season. Yes. She ACTUALLY decided the ball was more important than the protection of her son, so she went “to [sic] hard” for the ball and gave him a bloody nose. Ugh.

This is endangerment. There’s no doubt. This mom injures her own son because going for ball was so important to her (4/7/2018). Notice she says “went to [sic] hard” for the ball; this means she ignored her son’s safety. I’ll be reporting her next week to child welfare with the hope the son is removed from such a dangerous environment:

W—man‏ @md—-man5h5 hours ago

@Brewers you guys took so good care of my little one. I went to hard for a foul ball and gave my son a bloody nose. He’s a man now. #mlb #foulball


There’s NO clearer indication of child endangerment than this. Yet the mom is walking around free to continue “accidentally” abusing her son.


“Matt” brags about how he snagged the ball while holding his son. Instead of saying, “PHEW! I’m glad he didn’t get hurt” “Matt” focuses on being surprised he got a 50th Anniversary ball! I guess we know where his priorities are.

Matt‏ @post——–lst 4h4 hours ago


Highlight of the game for me was catching this Albert Pujols foul ball on the bounce while holding my 1.5 year old son. I was hoping to snag one of these 50th anniversary balls at some point during the season but I didn’t expect to get one during a game,… https://ift.tt/2v9OlHK 


Direct message


I’m assuming this individual is using the hashtag sarcastically. The fact the dad “almost smacked his daughter’s head on the railing” should be enough proof of the dangers of parents willfully endangering their child. He’s the dad who’d sue MLB for his daughter’s injury. Where’s CPS on this?!?

Madeline Kenney‏ @madkenney 

Just saw a father carrying his daughter aggressively go after a foul ball. It appeared he almost smacked his daughter’s head on the railing #FatherOfTheYearCandidate