The PWIB Notes: April 1-6

This past week in baseball brought us a return to our National Past Time, a long awaited start to a season post-PEDs (and perhaps sans), a topic that dominated the 2nd half of the 2013 season. This first week didn’t let us down either. To remember some of the best and worst of each week, we are starting a new blog series called “The PWIB Notes”, a review of all the good, bad and ugly we could find in the previous week in baseball (PWIB).

Here are the Top 10 (or more) “plays” of the week—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:

1)     Coach breaks leg: Unless you were under a rock this first week of the 2014 season, you heard the news about a coach breaking leg on first day of job and while catching a ceremonial first pitch. It is ugly. Perhaps you’re a sadist and have already repeatedly watched the coverage, but here it is again. This one is our top “play”. Yikes!

2)     Who says baseball is a man’s sport? Did you see the awesome snag by the ballgirl last week? Reached right over and saved a few fans from potentially life-threatening injuries. She’s kinda our hero. Great eye. Great catch! Sign her up! Perhaps a MiLB contract is in her future?

3)     Whether you call it “roshambo” or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” you have to admit that this is one creative way to settle differences. Check out the fans who decided to make a decision in a civilized way instead of being douches. Perhaps our world leaders could learn a thing or three from this:

4)     Of course, not all cool or great plays come during the game or are by regular fans. The group of super fans called “ballhawks” often have pretty nifty videos to offer the world. We like this one from last week, courtesy of Ballhawk Shawn’s YouTube channel:

5)     The “HOLY SH*T THAT’S AMAZING!” Catch of the Week comes from a Japanese (NPB). Check this out! Words cannot do it justice. It’s just…WOW!

6)     Un-bee-lievable: How many of you heard this one? A swarm of bees disrupted a Diamondbacks-Giants game last week.

7)     In the “OH! That’s gonna leave a mark” department, we cringed and cringed again as we watch the video of the Oakland fan who fell flat on face (2 April). Yeah. Not graceful and certainly it hurt. But what a great recovery.

8)     The “DOH!” moment of last week was when Chicago Cubs outfielder Junior Lake realized he’d put on the wrong jersey for the game. Remember the saying, “One of these things isn’t the same”? Yup. Leave it to Junior

9)     Grand Slam in Grand Fashion: Did you see Rollins’ homerun #200? A grand Grand Slam over the right field fence. Not a blooper either. Solid and definite. One heck of an awesome way to earn homerun #200. Check it out.

10) Stanton…Just like his daddy. Wowzers! 484 ft. The farthest a homerun ball has traveled at Marlins Park. Just watch this baby go!

11) A FoulBallz hats off the one of the classiest and coolest players ever. Did you see what Derek Jeter did last week? Class act, that man. Who’s NOT a class act? That lady in font who kept reaching up to steal the ball from Jeter before he got it to the girl. Some people are oblivious. We’re actually surprised she didn’t snatch it out of the hands of the kid! Some fans need to get a clue.


12) The “AAWWWWW!!! That’s sweet!” Moment last week belongs to this couple. I wanted to do that, but I opted to propose to my wife at an even cheesier locale:

13) Dishonorable Mention: It doesn’t look like St. Louis Cardinal Matt Adams says anything to the fan about the foul ball catch and the “shove” people reported looks more like a tap than anything malicious, but it’s the response of the fan after he catches it, that is deserving of ridicule because it’s classless and immature, regardless of Adams’ actions or intent; it’s called being mature, but you decide if this was necessary:

Other nifty things last week: Two sluggers reached hitting milestones and both emphasized that accomplishment with a homer. Congrats to Miguel Cabrera who belted his 2000th hit with a 2 run shot. It wasn’t the Rollins grand slam, but it sure was pretty.

There was also a foul ball catch in a popcorn bin. Interesting, but not deemed worthy considering all the other stuff that went on.

Have a video or picture you feel should get mentioned in our weekly Top 10+? Send us the link or pic with your information and we’ll consider it! Email it to [email protected]