Plouffe, Rodney and So Much More: PWIB Notes for July 18 – July 26

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. We say that as if that’s even an option. We all know it’s not. It’s one of the many things we love about “our” sport. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.


Here’s a special LONG version of our top 10+ starting from the first games after the ASG. This week again saw LOTS of great action and fun last week! Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of July 18 – 26—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:


1)     Trevor Plouffe somehow manages to score on his triple?



2)     Unfortunately, this is Jeter’s last ASG




3)     Puig has made quite an impression since he first started playing for the Dodgers. Now he’s going for a degree in special branding.


4)     Speaking of Yasiel Puig, the kid also tied a 125+ year old record last week by hammering three triples in one game. Wow. Is there nothing this kid can’t do on the field?



5)     Check out the power of this wild pitch!



6)     Any true sports fan goes nuts for a souvenir from the field. These two guys are no exception


7)     The pigeons are back. This is at least the third time in about as many weeks that pigeons have interrupted a game. Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?



8)     The Beer Drop may become a new drinking game at Cardinals games. Or not.


9)     Wow! How about this fair—almost foul—bunt? Endy Chavez has some mad skills!



10) Kontos’ lob to 1st ended up being so bad…or good?…that it bounced once. You know the runner is slow for this to still end up as an out:



11) And this is another way to handle a heckler. Good thinking by the Astros starter Dallas Keuchel.


12) Here’s one for all the nay-sayers who complain and whine that fans who catch foul balls and home runs are immature and dumb. Dare you to say that to Tom Gorzelanny and the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers’ bullpen.



13) The best thing about baseball…okay, one of the many best things about baseball.. is seeing a great, heads-up play. As we all know, players are considered part of the field, so if a batted ball hit a player and is caught, it’s a ball in play and therefore an out. As is the case with this gem of a play:





1)     Adam Jones loses track of count. To his credit, he poked fun at himself on Twitter.


And then there was this forgetfulness too. Marlon Byrd loses his ability to count too.


And—yup, a third player lost track of things—Bogaerts strikes out…and thinks the inning is over:



2)     Hate to add a ball girl to this part of our list, but…


3)     With all the pine tar used on bats, it’s hard to understand why so many players can’t seem to hold on to the bat! See how Alcantarra slipped up:



Then there was this “oops” where Martinez apologizes:



4)     Miscommunication? Or a variation on the “hidden ball” trick?


5)     Zach Allister’s wild pitch:



6)     A while back we placed Phillies broadcaster McCarthy’s immaturity over a home run ball in this part of our list. If you don’t remember, instead of giving it to a fan, he tossed it back. Ironically, it was given back to him. While he was on the air!



7)     Oh Fernando. Here we go again. Rodney showed why the Tigers got rid of him. Trout and Pujols decided to poke fun of him too:



8)     We have a LONG list of DMs this time around. Here’s another one: Ryan Rayburn’s throw. Yes. A double did, indeed, turn into an in the park home run. Yes. That is his REAL throw. It has NOT been doctored in any way. Tigers fans rejoice.

9)     Oh come on! Not even sure what to say about this. It’s rife for all sorts of comments. We’re not sure why anyone would intentionally make themselves the butt of any jokes, but this MiLB GM did. WATCH AT YOUR OWN…something.



10) Who makes such an obvious mistake? Who doesn’t double and triple check something like this? Apparently the Colorado Rockies…wait for it…aren’t just a mile high. Someone must have been toking something to have missed this glaring error.




1)     This guy gets mad respect for his dedication to the Giants:





2)     Speaking of mad respect for fan dedication, see the Nationals fan with the “W” beard?



3)     This 100-year-old fan (yes, she’s a CENTURY old!) loves McCutchen…then again, who really DOESN’T love the man?



4)     The Cubs get a lot of flak from fans—and non-fans—but it’s things like what Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo did that may ease some of the sting for Cubs fans. Rizzo promised to hit a home run for a fan with cancer. Check out what he did instead.





How many times do we get to see what players do to keep going and have some fun when at work…or not at work? This is what we are going to start showing you here.


1)     Being on a team is all about trust. Shelby Miller has a great deal of trust.


2)     We’ve suspected that Carlos Gomez has some kind of “superpower”. Last week we discovered that it’s a secret identity.



3)     Sometimes you just have to own up to goofs and take the jibes you have coming from teammates. In this case, Melky Cabrera and Jose Reyes illustrate how it’s done.



4)     This one falls under “oddities”. Who knew putting the tarp on the field could be such a hassle?


5)     Cut4 and used up all the good puns on this one. Did you see Yonder Alonso’s slide; the one that ripped his pants?





DUE to other responsibilities, there will probably not be a PWIB Notes next week. We will add that week to the following week in review.


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