Predictions, Part 8 (36-40): New ASG Rules and Pitcher Unemployment to Run Amok


36) Not long after pitchers and catchers report, MLB announces that the All Star Game will count for even more than just home field advantage. The twist? The ASG will determine whether NL or AL rules will be used during the ENTIRE World Series. “To DH or not to DH?”, that is the question. (MLB needs to hire me as a consultant. My ideas rock! I’m available for a modest fee. Seriously. I am.)

37) Late in the season, several teams cut their bloated bullpens in favor of a 6- or 7-man starting rotation that inevitably requires pitchers to go a minimum of 120 pitches per start. Teams doing so notice some surprising patterns. One is that fans are rejoicing and attendance sky rockets because it speeds up games. However, attendance isn’t the only thing that sky rockets: unemployment rates peak due to relief pitchers being laid off (but little leagues now have no problem finding almost qualified pitching coaches). Jack Morris and other workhorses get a kick out of the complaining that erupts after the decision. (This might not be far from the truth; did you see the SEVEN closers on the market the day after the World Series?)

38) FoulBallz is the topic of a brief, lively and highly positive discussion on FirstPitch (@jimmemolo and @hollytime28), Power Alley, Inside Pitch and the other shows on MLBNetworkRadio on SiriusXM. FoulBallz stock soars…Well, it would if we had any.

39) During the off-season, Ted Turner will demand that Time-Warner fire all TBS sports announcers because he’s embarrassed his name is connected to the worse post-season announcing in recent memory. He also requests that CNN correspondents or any number of various voices of cartoon characters call all games on the channel.

40) For the first time ever, a team has a chance at three Cy Young contenders in one season…if they don’t stupidly train one of their starters. Do I need to say which team that is?