Knuckleball, Poltergeists and a Flock of Seagulls: PWIB Notes for May 18-24

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.

Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of May 18-24, 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:

1) This isn’t number 1 because we are tried and true, through and through Detroit Tigers fans. That’s a coincidence (maybe). We’ve highlighted a couple of position players being called in to pitch for their teams. Last week another one was called on. Danny Worth. Worth apparently have a wicked knuckleball. Yup. A knuckleball. Don’t see those often any more. And by the looks of it, he has pretty decent control over the notoriously unpredictable pitch.

[For the record: We are convinced the plane “malfunction” was sabotage. That delay, inevitably resulted in poor fashion decisions as a result of lack of sleep, and those are the reasons the Tigers went on a losing streak, even daring to be swept by the Indians.]

2) FIVE homeruns in one game by the same player. FIVE. And here’s what’s cooler: He hit them in five CONSECUTIVE at bats. Not sure if that says more about the pitching of the other team or about him. It’s impressive nonetheless.

3) This young lady has plenty of reactions to her team losing

4) Khris Davis lost his glove going for a home run. We’re seeing a pattern forming.

5) Remember the Atlanta Braves burning the American Flag? Looks like there might b ea haunting at Turner Field after all. The scoreboard went wonky. Thinking the baseball gods don’t want a new Braves field someplace else. Just sayin’.

6) Here’s a “Keeping it in the Family” play. Conrad Gregor, Astros prospect playing for the River Bandits, notched his first MiLB homer. And his dad caught it! Check out the story and his interview after the game:

7) Gotta hand it to Red Sox Nation, they sure are excitable when they get a homerun or foul ball (as you’ll see when we bring you the foul ball version in a couple of days). Last week a parking attendant snagged a Xander Beogart homer. Dancing ensued:

8) Oh Mr. Miguel Cabrera. Why are you pestering Andre Beltre? Just leave the man alone. Why poke the hornets’ nest? Okay. It was fun to watch:

9) There is no sane person who will deny that for all the issues he may have, Yasiel Puig is one helluva player. His skills as a fielder are insane…take this gen as an example of his mad skills:

10) Have you heard the word and the theme song for the now deceased Mark “The Bird” Fidrych? Remember the Big Unit killing a poor bird with a pitch? Now try to figure out how a ball got through a flock of seagulls (No, not the group) at Wrigley Field during extra innings:

11) Did you catch the story about Miguel Olivo? Got into fight IN the dugout with an Albuquerque Isotope teammate. Olivo is on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster. He was suspended for it…er…correction, he was “released” from their roster Thursday.

12) As devout Detroit Tigers fans, we cringe whenever a bad play is made by a Tiger. But we’re fair and recognize it, so here’s a dishonorable mention for the Tigers. WHO LOSES A GAME ON A BALK?!?!? The 2014 Tigers did just that last week. 

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