FoulBallz Prognostications, Part 2 (6-10)

logoPredictions 6-10:

This batch of prognostications is particularly close to my heart as the crystal ball has let me see the future as it involves a couple things I care about: Brandon Inge and why Cincinnati calls spaghetti “chili”…

The FoulBallz Crystal Ball has shown me five more occurrences between now and the end of next season. I am confident in the visions I see swirling about in the orb of knowledge.

6) Brandon Inge will be picked up by a MiLB team as the fielding coach (I’m going with the Loons, White Caps, Lugnuts, Tin Caps, Mud Hens or Indianapolis Indians). There will be a clause in his contract that allows for immediate dismissal if he is caught even thinking about coaching any player on their batting. (FYI: Inge is my favorite Tigers 3B of modern times (haters shut up), so this is more my quest to get him a job. Did it work?)

7) The Indians will consider releasing Francona from his contract midseason to go to the Reds, who release their latest manager Bryan Price. In exchange, the Indians only want the real reason spaghetti is called “chili” in that city. It’s one of the greatest culinary mysteries of all time. In response, the city of Cincinnati bans any further discussion on the topic and the Reds must go with a Skipper-by-Committee system until they can find someone not interested in their culinary secret.

8) In a publicity stunt designed to draw more attendance (forget more wins), the Miami Marlins give away free marlins (the players, not the fish).

9) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sue the Pittsburgh Pirates for exclusive rights to the use of the word “Bucs”.

10) In yet another surprise move, MLB announces that starting in the 2016 season, in a cost saving move, balls must be used until one of the following happens: it’s hit into foul territory and caught by a fan, its hit as a home run, or the laces are frayed. Fans catching a foul or home run and throwing it back onto the field will be given season tickets as a thank you. (Which seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?)