Rally Mullet, Athletics Fan Throws Hissy Fit & What We Can Learn from Our Kids: Foul Ball Plays for June 15-21

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of June 8 – 14, let’s see who’s Got Balls?


1)     Who hasn’t seen this yet? ESPN analyst Buster Olney casually snags a foul ball last week. Not bad.


2)     As much as we LOVE discussing foul balls, even we wouldn’t behave this way if we missed one. Seriously dude.


3)     Karma. That’s all we gots ta say about this. Karma.


4)     Someone forgot to explain the process of getting a foul ball to this young lady. It’s okay. She’ll never live this down, so there’s a little bit of karma here too. Mom and dad probably aren’t going to let her live this down.


5)     We’re just going to cut to the chase here. The 2014 MLB season ball girls are WAAAAAYYYYY better at fielding and doing their jobs than the ball boys are. Check out the nice catch by this Nationals ball girl…on a ricochet no less.


6)     Last week brought together a cluster of folks, all searching for one thing. Not clarity so much as Ibanez’s foul ball. Where did that thing go? We haven’t heard anything about it. Was it discovered the next day? Did it just vanish? What happened to it? That’s also what these fine folks wanted to know.


7)     Unlike the temper tantrum throwing gentleman in #2, this young fellow appreciated the chance at catching a foul ball. The other difference in behavior could, we suppose, have something to do with one catching a ball and the other not catching one. For this young Cleveland Indians fan it was High-Fives for everyone.


8)     As we all know, the Detroit Tigers have the best and coolest fans of any of the 30 teams. They have the guy who isn’t shaving until they win the pennant; they also had the dad with a kid who represented the COOLEST catch of all the dad’s-holding-kids-and-catching-a-foul-ball catches, and then this guy. He backpadels DOWN the stairs, catches a foul WITH ONE HAND, and has his momentum keep carrying his down the steps, and he never falls! Balance extraordinaire! He barely lost any popcorn too!


9)     This was posted on the 15th, but we aren’t sure if it was from the week before or that day. Regardless of when it was, you’ll love the reaction this young Orioles fan has when he gets a foul ball. He’s kind of like the kid from #8. We can learn a lot from kids…see the next one as yet another reminder of how we SHOULD act.

10) Gosh. Sure are a lot of copy cats this season. Not that this type of copy-catting is a bad thing. In fact, we encourage more of it! Maybe the Marlins-Cubs fans exchange has caught on? This young Midland (Texas) RockHounds fan is just one more reason we love foul balls and baseball. Foul balls hurt, but look at the joy they also bring? Look at how people come together over a foul ball. THIS is why baseball is the greatest sport ever. THIS doesn’t happen in other sports. This young man was raised properly.


11) Of course, since it (like the Olney catch) lit up our Twitter feed, we feel obligated to include this little gem, especially since Rex Hudler gave it to a kid:

Speaking of announcers giving kids balls, did you catch this even better gem from the Brewers booth?:


12) We were pickled tick to learn that one of our Twitter followers, @TheRallyMullet, got onto MLB as a highlight! Check him out below!

Reminder: PLEASE pay attention at games! If you’re a parent, pay special attention. As parents we all know it’s hard to split attention, but at least bring a glove and be wary of where you sit. You can use our app to help you locate the WORST places for foul balls too, thus helping to protect your young. As much as we LOVE foul balls, they are dangerous. Be careful!


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