Sneaky Jeter, Sneaky Cubs Fan, Almost Broken Bats & Nudity Nobody Needed to See: PWIB Notes for July 6-13

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. We say that as if that’s even an option. We all know it’s not. It’s one of the many things we love about “our” sport. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.


This week again saw LOTS of great action and fun last week! Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of July 6- July 13, 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:


1)     Mike Morin is a new Pinball Wizard. “That is unbelieveable!” is a bit of an understatement:


2)     We all know Derek Jeter is the man, the myth and the legend. In this play, he reminds us of exactly how cool he is. A double play foul ball?

To top off his week, he also marked his 1000th multi-hit game with this shot:


3)     Apparently Sam Fuld is a great fielder, so great that players often think he caught the ball…regardless of whether he did or not. This was the case with Michael Saunders.


4)     More pigeons. All they needed to do was fly the coop.


5)     Not entirely sure what Bryce Harper was doing—was he trying to break his bat? Doing squats? Wincing in pain?

Carlos Gomez was equally unsuccessful:

6)     Eric Hosmer’s glove was shredded last week. A ball literally ripped through the glove as Hosmer tried to field a ball. Look at the video. It’s like the glove mesh didn’t even exist.

7)     How about this play? This is how to use the base to your advantage. Cody Asche capitalizes on 90 degree ball angle change.


8)     Adrian Beltre. What can we say? He ends up in our PWIB Notes more times that we care to have him, but he’s entertaining, so here he is again. Beltre was a bit impatient and decided that he wasn’t going to wait until he had permission by the home plate ump to take a time out, he was going to take it regardless. It ended in a strikeout.

9)     Apparently there were some issues with contacts last week. Not the lack of contact with the ball while hitting, but the lack of contacts—those used to see the ball—that would stay put. We were once instance away from an epidemic:


Chase Headley’s problems:


10)  Sneaky Cubs fan! Very sneaky. It is reminiscent of the Texas kid who switched out a foul ball with another one, then flipped the “fake” ball to a young lady behind him. This is smoother though.

11)  Watch the first step; it’s a doozy. That’s the advice Miami Marlins pitcher Tom Koehler should have tried remembering during his warm-ups:



1)     Things we wish we could un-see: Prince Fielder nude isn’t something ANYONE needed to do.


2)     Maybe the ridicule was a bit over the top, but what has their country come to when someone thinks they should sure for some ribbing? Plus, who embarrasses themselves even more by not being able to be particularly coherent in their complaint? But that’s what this Yankee fan did.


3)     When Tyler Flowers lost his bat into the stands, a lucky fan got it. Then the staff decided to demand he turn it over. Don’t care if he got it back later or not. The rules clearly state that fans are allowed to keep anything from the field that comes into the stands. So “BOO!!!!” to the Boston Red Sox staff.



1)     We struggled with where to put this one. It’s full of all sorts of disasters, but somehow it ended well anyway, so we are going to put it here as a testament to both lousy fielding and heads-up thinking. Matt Carpenter could use a bit more fielding practice:


2)     We can’t get enough of the veteran-returns-home-surprises-loved-ones stories. Get the tissue ready:





How many times do we get to see what players do to keep going and have some fun when at work…or not at work? This is what we are going to start showing you here.

1)     We’re putting Kyle Lohse’s unintentional funny down here. Lohse, a Brewers pitcher clearly doesn’t know the limits of pine tar on bats. It’s fun to watch.


2)     Thankfully the ball boy had Scott Downs nearby to help him break in his glove. Who knows how many foul balls he’d have missed if not for Downs.

3)     Marcel Ozuna knows how to make a swing look…um…good?

4)     Astros sideline reporter Julia Morales handled her brother’s wacky dancing with aplomb:


5)     Did you see Henderson Alvarez’s attempt to avoid a strike? Um:


DUE TO THE ALL STAR BREAK there will not be a weekly review next week. We will add that week to the following week in review.


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