Players in Legal Trouble, Bungling, Bobbling & Injuries Galore: Foul Ball Plays from July 6 – 13

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of July 6 – July 13, let’s see who’s Got Balls?


1)     Baseball players were getting in trouble with the law last week.


First it was Hunter Pence who Literally runs into a cop.


And then Matt Holliday was none too happy with his run in with the law:


2)     Thank goodness for Dave. Dave, a ball boy for the Angels save several fans from certain obstructed views but grabbing a renegade beach ball. This is another example of the differences between ball boys and ball girls this season.



3)     How about this young man’s glove abilities? That’s a hard angle. But not for him.



4)     Odd fan reaction by Mets fan:


5)     This Rangers fan gives new meaning to “Take one for the team”. He literally did. Right to the ribs. He’s got the bruise to prove it!


6)     Balls seemed to favor bouncing of people last week. Aside from the Mike Morin snag we covered in our PWIB Notes, there was this bungling, bobbling “grab” (we use the word loosely here).


7)     Speaking of bunging and bobbling balls, how about these two plays at the same game? One outstanding catch. And then this one.



8)     Royals pitcher James Shields snags foul invents new yoga pose.



9)     If you’re Juan Uribe, you probably regret not catching a routine foul ball. Mainly because LA Dodgers pitchers Hyun-Jin Ryu and Clayton Kershaw ended up having a lot of fun at his expense:



10)Tender moments aren’t uncommon in baseball. The players are generally a loving group of guys. Don’t think so? See for yourself. Blue Jays catcher Dioner Navarro clearly has a soft spot for Rays bench coach Dave Martinez:


11)Foul balls have minds of their own. Just ask Carlos Beltran who was sidelined because of one that smashed him in the nose during batting practice. Turns out it broke his nose and placed him on the DL.


12)We have it posted at the bottom of our list every week, but it bears saying again. BE CAREFUL WHEN AT BASEBALL GAMES! Yet another young fan was hit by a ball. If you have a kid, especially one THIS young, for goodness sake throw your body over them to protect them!


Reminder: PLEASE pay attention at games! If you’re a parent, pay special attention. As parents we all know it’s hard to split attention, but at least bring a glove and be wary of where you sit. You can use our app to help you locate the WORST places for foul balls too, thus helping to protect your young. As much as we LOVE foul balls, they are dangerous. They are considered an inherent part of the game, so you are responsible for paying attention. Be careful!


Have a story or video you’d like to have included in this series? Got a picture or video of a family member embarrassing themselves over a foul ball or making an incredible catch? Email us at [email protected] and it’ll probably be included in our series on foul balls and other plays outside of the lines.


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