This Week in Foul Balls (Week 7: May 15-21): Stolen Hugs, Head Conks, Interference, Collisions and SO Much More

And the foul ball fun keeps on going. Welcome back to this week’s version of “TWIFB Notes” (This Week in Foul Balls) in which hornets are features, not the Charlotte Hornets, but pissed off fling bugs with stingers. In this weekly post, I look at the best and worst foul ball moments in Major League Baseball…and sometimes Minor League Baseball…and sometimes softball and high school baseball.

First, our running total of foul ball hits in the facial area, or what I call “Foul Ball Facials”, as they are reported ONLY on Twitter. This is the count after three weeks of play, note that nearly 50% of the facials are a result of phone use or being too drunk, and nearly 25% other are a result of fans going for the ball:

  • 47 #MLB fans hit in head area in 50 days (May 21)
  • 17 admit being distracted by phone
  • 5 were ricochets
  • 5 too drunk to move
  • 11 injured diving for a foul ball

 Not that roughly 73% of all of these foul ball injures were self-inflicted or the fan somehow contributed to their own injury. 

The Hall of Fame

This is not often (Read that as “never”) seen. While mascots do all sorts of things, this is a new one. Check out what the Minnesota Twins mascot TC Bear does when a foul ball is tossed up toward him…it?…her?

Sometimes you try to get out of the way of a foul ball and things don’t go as planned. Fernando Abad found this out when he tried to get out of the way of a foul ball. It ended up being a real a mess.

What a birthday! Check out this young Texas Rangers fan! He goes for a foul ball, and … well, check it out. Best birthday surprise at a ballpark ever!


The Hall of Shame/Lame

Sometimes using a hat works. Sometimes not so much. On the San Diego Padres Fedora Night, this fan tried to catch a foul with his new headwear. Most fans manage to use hats with relative ease. This fan is a different story.

Come on! When are fans going to learn? Seriously. There is no excuse for fan interference. It’s more annoying when it ended the San Diego Padres fifth-inning rally. There were clearly some issues with fans and foul balls last week in San Diego. 

While Padres fans were having foul ball issues, the New York Yankees weren’t doing to hot either. Check out what happens as Starlin Castro and Aaron Judge both go for a popup in foul territory. Ouch! 


Honorable Mentions

I wasn’t sure where to put this, to be honest. The guy fights a girl for a foul ball then gives her a hug. So this is the scenario: Guy fights girl for foul ball at the Texas Rangers – Miami Marlins game. He gets booed for stealing it from the girl. He gives in to the pressure….then…well, just watch what happens: 

This was a new one on me: Tampa Bay Rays OF Kevin Kiermaier his a foul ball. Then he’s caught off guard when it bounces straight up in air. Watch where it lands.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of extended netting, but I think Jupiter Hammerheads catcher Roy Morales may have gone a bit far with his dislike of netting.

Last week we saw video of a young lady at a Texas Rangers game (bad week for the Rangers!) get hit in the head in the outfield upper decks. Joey Gallo walloped the ball. What we’re going to hear from pro-netting advocates is how dangerous baseball is—forget that 73% of all injuries related to foul balls are self-inflicted in some way and not at all from direct hits that were 100% unavoidable had common sense been exercised; and forget that only one MLB fan has EVER died in the 100+ years of the game; and forget the fact that so many parents are strapping on infants and going for foul balls, rather than protecting their off-spring; all those are irrelevant to pro-netters….but I digress. This young lady was out of her chair trying to catch the ball. She flat out flubbed it. I feel bad for her, but she did go for it.