How Safe is MLB Baseball Really? It’s Safer to Fans than Pro-Netters Want Us to Believe When Placed in Context

We hear so much about the dangers of MLB baseball foul balls. People have this preconceived notion that it is the most dangerous spectator sport in the world, despite facts to the contrary, like the average human response time being more than adequate to react when paying attention, and that parents too often sit their kids way too close to the action.

I explored this topic in an earlier piece on fan injuries in Major League Baseball, and this is an updated version of it.

People are closed-minded. They make up their mind based on their emotions, not logic. Generally. It’s unfortunate really. Because of the emotional tendencies of humans, they are easy prey to lies like those spread by Andy Zlotnick who consistently conveniently forgets to tell his story of being hit by a foul ball, because it is an incident he could have easily avoided.

So how dangerous are baseball foul ball injuries really? Here’s a look.

To get you familiar with the dangers in each major sport, here of the worst ones. Here’s another list discussing the worst sports for fan deaths.


As you see, MLB baseball is tied for 4th as the SAFEST spectator sport in the world where there’s at least one death. In. The. World. With only one fan death in 100 years, tied with the NHL, Major League Baseball games are by far one of the safest for fans. In fact, MiLB is more dangerous to fans than MLB is. Yet, people whine that MLB is THE MOST DANGEROUS sport for fans. Clearly it’s not.

When all is tallied up—death by game related incident (1), 1475 self-inflected injuries, and the number of fan inflicted violence injuries and deaths—the fact is clear that people are overreacting to the REAL dangers of MLB baseball. Look, for example, at the Tour de France numbers, the number of golfing deaths and injuries. They are astronomically higher than MLB. The same can be said for car racing and soccer.

To help you see this in perspective, in context, here are a few more links for you to peruse. These will help you better understand the truth about the dangers to MLB fans versus those to fans in other sports.


I’ve never been a huge fan of car racing. I’m glad, because I could have been any of these dead fans.


At least 7 people are dead from being nailed by golf balls…in 50 years! 


This is scary.

So is this.


Imagine dying at a bike race. Hard to believe.

But these people all did.