Tony Gwynn Dies, Pete Rose “Returns”, Baseball Bear & More: PWIB Notes for June 15 – 21

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. We say that as if that’s even an option. We all know it’s not. It’s one of the many things we love about “our” sport. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.


This week is going to run LONG! LOTS of great action and fun last week! Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of June 15-21, 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:


1)     The hit king of MLB was back in uniform and in a dugout last week!  That’s right! Pete Rose put on a uniform and enters a professional baseball park. Legally. Of course, the league isn’t associated with MLB in any way, but the point is that some professional baseball team was actually willing to put Rose in their uniform. Even if for just one night. And that may be the first step. We hope.

2)     Admittedly, we somehow missed the first one, but we didn’t miss it this time, although we didn’t get it into last week’s Top 10 either. Colorado Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes last week hit ANOTHER (as in a second) IN the park home run. Nope. We didn’t mis-type that. Barnes hit TWO in the park homers within the span of 10 days. Kid you not.

3)     You know what they say about deaths, right? They come in threes. Well, our MLB family lost a third great member within the span of nearly three weeks. This time it was the incredible Tony Gwynn, the consummate gentleman and San Diego Padre. He passed away as a result of cancer he developed as a result of chewing tobacco. Here is our brief memorial to him and his greatest. You will be terribly missed Tony. May you rest in peace now.


Tony Gwynn’s response to his HoF induction.


Remembering Gwynn:

And remembering Tony Gwynn more.

4)     Oh Fernando! Why do you make it so easy for people to poke fun at you? Here’s Fernando Rodney … you decide what this is all about.

5)     And Tony Sipp made it back again…to the outfield that is. The Astros are trying everything they can, aren’t they? Gotta hand it to them for thinking outside the box some.

6)     This is a new one. We recommend that Jerry Sands seek a new bat manufacturer. It’s obvious that he got some defective ones. Three defective ones to be exact. The Tampa Bay Rays pinch-hit Sands. And on three pitches during the same at-bat he broke three bats. Ever seen that before?

7)     We can barely believe this. It’s unbearably funny. Bare with us as we get out all the bear puns we can…okay, we’re done. In Alaska last week a bear roamed (Yes. A REAL bear. As in the kind that swats fish out of streams and such.) a bit too close to the outfield of an American Legion baseball game. Thankfully, there was only a slight and bearable delay, barely any at all, as the bear moseyed on its way. (Okay, so we weren’t done.) Not much of a playing field is it? Everybody donate money so they can get some grass! On the other hand, since bear eat grass, scratch that idea…astro turf will work.

8)     Certainly there was more to the deal. Right? If not, then why? If you didn’t hear about this, then you were absolutely under a rock last week. The Brewers traded Brad Mills to the Oakland AthleticsFor a dollar. ONE US DOLLAR. We are not making this up.

9)     Oh my. Bartolo Colon is in here AGAIN. What did the lovable chubby cherub do this time? He hit a double! For Colon to get a double it meant the ball had to move around a lot. This same hit might very well have been an in the park home run (which has already happened a couple times). Way to dig deep Bartolo!

10)Wow. Balls hitting bags aren’t rare, but when they do happen, they sure can change the momentum of a game in a hurry. Like this one did.

11)And yet another position player starts pitching. Can someone answer this for us?: A bullpens THAT lousy this season that teams HAVE to put in position players?

12)Yup. We may have to start making this a Top 15, cuz this play from the Toledo MudHens is wicked cool and deserving of being here:



1)     The explanation before the event: This is just plain being a baby. And the result is karma. We’re betting Johnny Cueto’s knee and thigh hurt just a wee bit after this.

2)     This is here more because this was an avoidable play instead of a great play. Check out the THREE runs scored on this play.



1)     ONLY in baseball is the word “No” or the phrase “No No” an indication of some incredible, rare accomplishment. Clayton Kershaw had a “no-no” last week. He missed the perfect game as a result of errors. Figures.

2)     Brandon Phillips is kind of a new hero of ours. The dude really knows how to shut up unruly, obnoxious fans. Did you hear what he did to a heckler (actually just sounds like the funny ramblings of a drunk guy, but whatever. It’s funny nonetheless: @DatDudeBP demolished the drunk dude with kindness.

3)     We love devotion to a team. Too many fans are fair weather fans. They decided they like one team one year then another the next…or maybe they have 5 years with on team. All the same, devotion like that this Tigers fan has is somewhat rare today. We’d like to see how long it gets by the end of the season!

4)     Jimmy Rollins smashed his 2235th hit last week. This pushed him into the Philadelphia Phillies franchise all-time hits lead, taking the lead from Mike Schmidt. Wanna see the one that did it?


How many times do we get to see what players do to keep going and have some fun when at work…or not at work? This is what we are going to start showing you here.


1)     Starling Martin steals 2nd. Brandon Philips decides to try to steal it back. Laughter ensues.

2)     Why these guys haven’t already been on Dancing with the Stars yet is beyond us. Come on. Those are some groovy moves George Springer and Jonathan Villar have…aren’t they?

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