Foul Ball Snags and Grabs: Plays the Week of May 4 – 10

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we are going to bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of May 4 – 10, who’s Got Balls?


1)     Our top foul ball plays of the week goes to one player, so we’ve combined them. World, meet Royals outfielder Alex Gordon. Mr. Gordon has an issue with the left field wall last week. The Padres’ wall started a small war between Gordon and itself. On Monday, the wall grabbed and pulled off Gordon’s glove. And just for good measure, the wall decided to continue punishing Gordon by falling on him. There’s a Pink Floyd reference in there somewhere. But how’s that for adding insult to injury?

2)     This gives new meaning to “Don’t try crack.” We saw a bit too much of a Tigers fan’s crack last week. It’s not something to crack up about, clearly.

3)     Last week had us returning to plays by ball girls and ball boys. It wasn’t all bad for the Marlin’s. At least they know they have a ball boy with some mad skills. Check out the Marlins’ future outfielder as he dives into the seats to snag a foul:

4)     Then there’s the poor Twins ball boy who took one right to the face (Okay. This one actually happened on May 3, but it’s close enough to also week for us):

5)     Not to be outdone by the ball boys, a Phillies ball girl did a between the legs “catch”.

6)     The sheer power of foul balls is amazing. Check out what Dustin Pedroia did to an ad at Fenway Park. Amazing. Just plain amazing.

7)     Did you miss the case of the oblivious fan(s) at last week’s Orioles – Tampa Bay Rays game? Just a 1/8th of an inch more and he’d be sporting a shiner. Lucky man. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson.

8)     We love fans who get excited about catching foul balls. Sure they come under a lot of ridicule sometimes, but the fact is, what other sport gives fans THIS type of interactive entertainment? You don’t get to keep balls in other sports. They are mean and force you to return them. So why not celebrate? We’re with this Pirates fan, dance it up, man!

9)     Ah. The things we do to grab a coveted foul ball. This Padres fan dived for one…over a row of seats. He appears to have somehow survived the ordeal unscathed. What would you do for a foul ball?

10)And here’s ANOTHER super talented dad! This Tigers fan made a beautiful and graceful catch while holding his daughter! By our count, that’s three super awesome and super coordinated dads!


Have a story or video you’d like to have included in this series? Got a picture or video of a family member embarrassing themselves over a foul ball or making an incredible catch? Email us at and it’ll probably be included in our series on foul balls and other plays outside of the lines.