“Baseball Caught Looking as Fouls Injure 1,750 Fans a Year – Bloomberg: Baseball Caught Looking as Fouls Injure 1,750 Fans a Year” by David Glovin of Bloomberg News.


Jayson Stark of ESPN and I spoke about the current move calling for extended netting and additional fan safety in this piece: “Why protecting fans is complicated.”



“Smith: Foul balls part of the fun – and long shot danger – in going to a major league baseball game” by Marcia C. Smith of the Orange Country Register.



After a fan was seriously injured by a shattered bat at a Red Sox game on June 5, 2015, FoulBallz was contacted to discuss safety at MLB parks. Enjoy this story fan safety article by Laura Krantz (interviewer), Kathy McCabe and Michael Vega: “Fan’s injury highlights hazards at ballparks”.



After a number of high profile fan injuries The Dallas Morning News contacted me about my thoughts on netting and fan injuries. This is what Mike Heika included from our email discussion.



FoulBallz was also featured in Bob Nightengale’s piece, “Nightengale: MLB must increase netting at all ballparks.”



Cited in brief written by General Counsel for MLB and submitted in an appeal for ATLANTA NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL CLUB, INC. v. F. F. INDIVIDUALLY et al. Atlanta_Braves_Brief .


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G. Allen Johnson of RealClear.com used FoulBallz.com information to produce this really cool list “8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Foul Balls, And Why The Danger Is Rising.”