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May 16-21, 2018 marks the 2nd ever National Foul Ball Week!

May 16 is crucial for baseball fans in terms of foul balls. It was with a simple defiant act by Reuben Berman who snagged a foul ball at the Polo Grounds during a Giants-Reds game that we get to keep foul and home run balls. Regrettably, he tossed the ball into the fans before being escorted out of the park, and his ball has forever been lost to history. Regardless, he sued the Giants for pain and suffering. He won only $100, but for that time it was enough to emphasize how costly it could be to teams if they didn’t let fans keep the balls.

At this time, the Cubs were the only team allowing fans to keep balls. But with the Berman case, things accelerated. It would still be years for all of the teams to agree to letting fans keep the souvenirs, but it did happen.

So we now celebrate Berman’s defiance of the Giants which led us to keeping foul balls and home run balls. The Official Online Shop of Major League Baseball
National Foul Ball Week will feature a number of contests and fan-centered action. 


Here are the contests:

All fans who snag a foul ball during National Foul Ball Week and who tweet a picture mentioning @FoulBallz, using the hashtag of #NFBW or #NationalFoulBallWeek, and with a scoreboard clearly showing the game, inning of the snag and score in the background will be entered into a contest.

  • Fans who snag a ball at a Minor League Baseball game must add #MiLB in addition to the above hashtag.
  • MLB snags will use #MLB in addition to the above hashtags.


To be eligible, your tweets must meet the following guidelines:

  • Be taken in such a way that the scoreboard is visible–inning the ball was caught and teams must be clear. I will use this to watch and varify that a foul ball was in fact hit during that inning.
  • ALL BALLS SHOULD SHOW COMMISSIONER SIGNATURE SIDE of the ball to confirm legitimacy.

One winner from each contest will receive a $10 gift card and a special coupon code to use at the MLB Shop or other FoulBallz affiliate program when they click through the website link. Winners will be selected at random. Following @FoulBallz and/or multiple entries does not improve your odds of winning.


While the Twitter contests are going on, there will be a third contest. users will enjoy a scavenger hunt for a $10 gift card and special discount code for an affiliate purchase. Start the National Foul Ball Week hunt here.