This Week in Foul Balls (Week 11: June 19-25): Verlander’s Ignorance Continues to Show, Rock/Paper/Scissors and More!

And the foul ball fun keeps on going and going and going. Welcome back to this week’s version of “TWIFB Notes” (This Week in Foul Balls). In this weekly post, I look at the best and worst foul ball moments in Major League Baseball…and sometimes Minor League Baseball…and sometimes softball and high school baseball.

First, our running total of foul ball hits in the facial area, or what I call “Foul Ball Facials”, as they are reported ONLY on Twitter. This is the count after 12 weeks of play: 

Foul Ball Facials re: Twitter

  • 66 #MLB fans hit in head area in 84 days (June 25)
  • 27 admit being distracted by phone (%)
  • 5 too drunk to move
  • 15 injured diving for a foul ball

71.1% of these injuries could have been avoided. 71%. That’s 46 of them. 


The Hall of Fame/Fun

Who doesn’t love a good “Rock, Paper, Scissors”? Don’t you wish wars were fought this way? Life would be so much easier. Check out these Chicago White Sox fans who decided to play rock, paper, scissors for a foul ball.

It’s nice to see old guys (by baseball standards) still have some quickness. Cleveland Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar Jr. certainly fits that bill. Check out his move when the Baltimore Orioles’ Francisco Lindor’s foul line-drive nearly took off his head.

Fans for life. My greatest concern about extended netting is how extending it would take away these moments, sterilizing the game. THIS is what fans love to see. This is the epitome of the fan experience. These kids are PUMPED. Why would any Scrooge or Grinch take this away from kids?


The Hall of Shame/Lame

This guy…not gonna mince words…is an asshole. Another father/parent endangers their child for a ball. It’s disgusting and I honestly wish MLB would start escorting and banning this parents. I also want MLB to finally require family sections in all parks—mandatory!—to these types of idiot parents don’t have the chance to endanger their kids. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM, the one that can destroy the game when a parent kills their kid. As a general rule I don’t show these plays, because as a dad of two, I find this the most disgusting behavior there is from a parent, but this shows how close a baby came to being killed by an idiot parent at a game:

I’m very sick of hearing Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander blame external things for his failings. To be honest, I’ve always found him a baby, a whiner, and arrogant. Is he…WAS he a fantastic pitcher? Absolutely. But he’s a know-it-all. This season he’s seen an uptick in foul balls and homers off him. Instead of looking at his mechanics and adjusting to getting old, he is now blaming the balls. Only an arrogant buffoon blames their tools. The fact is, he’s lost his mojo, and batters are seeing the ball earlier. Period. Stop blaming everything else Justin. You’re getting old. Deal with it.

Honorable Mentions

Who doesn’t want to have this happen to them? Gotta love the game that lets you interact with the players, like at this Milwaukee BrewersPittsburgh Pirates game.

Speaking of fan interactions…Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera has been known to have fun with fans. Here’s another example of how funny and fun he can be.