Foul Ball Month in Review: July Part II, More Umpires Out and a New Ballpark Delicacy is Invented

The second half of July brought more bumps, bruises, happy fans, destroyed umpires and even a new delicacy.


I don’t recall ever hearing about a new ballpark delicacy being born as a direct result of a foul ball. But one was born on July 15, 2016: The Nacho Ball. It occurred during the Padres-Giants game. Check out what happens when Padres third baseman Yangervis Solarte goes for a foul ball:

Take that Prince Fielder.



Kids reactions to foul balls and toss-ups are always fun to watch. They always congratulate one another, celebrating. Rarely do we see kids get angry and upset. That’s a 180 degree difference from the typical “Adult” response. Check out these awesome kids at the Nationals game from whom we could learn a thing or two about kindness:

This young lady had a ball handed to her by the ballgirl. She’s beaming ear to ear as anyone would. But wait for it…she’s nearly tackled by other kids. NOT so they could steal it though. Wait for it…


This young man needs to be given a contract immediately. Watch as this young Giants fan leans over the wall for a Major League style grab.



There was a lovely moment last month between Braves leftfielder Chase d’Arnaud and a fan. Giving chase to a foul ball, Chase had to pull up short after a fan reached over the wall and snagged the ball. I don’t agree with the ruling on the field that this was fan interference. D-Arnaud is seen pulling back and out of reach for the ball. The Marlins’ Wong during the Cardinals-Marlins game on 7/29 had more interfere than Chase did and it wasn’t called. It could be that this snag wasn’t in the seats like the Wong catch was because the ball was still “in play” at the time. Regardless, d’Arnaud decided to give the gentleman a peck on the cheek. It was cute. See for yourself. We don’t see intimacy between players and fans much. I wonder if that was put on the Jumbotron.


Love was in the air, wasn’t it?



Umps seem to be taking more of a beating this season than in the past. Maybe it seems that way because there’s more social media coverage, but it’s still surprising. Two home plate umps had to leave the game in the second half of July due to being hit so hard with a foul.

First we have Chad Fairfield who had to leave a Marlins-Cardinals game after getting nailed in his right forearm by a foul ball. It happened in the first inning.

There was also the case of Dale Scott. He also left the game after the first inning. He took a foul off his chin as he umped from behind the dish at a Dodgers-Diamondbacks game.



I’m a staunch defender of fans paying attention at games. It never occurred to me I should also be pushing the same advice on the men and women who hawk their beer, popcorn, peanuts, and other eats. If I hadn’t neglected this minority, perhaps this vendor wouldn’t have taken one in the keister at the Athletics-Astros game.


Then there was this vendor who seems almost oblivious to the fact his bucket (what are those called?) was just molested by a foul ball. Cut4 used “stoic” to describe the response. I’ll go with that too.


I’m always in awe of the force foul balls have. Here’s just one example of what a foul ball can do to glass that hasn’t been properly reinforced.

This isn’t about a foul ball. It’s about a fair ball. But once you read the linked article and see what happened when Red Sox power hitter David Ortiz shot a batting practice ball down the first base line, you’ll see why I have it in this list.



By far the BEST foul ball snag last month was that of Shannon Hurd. Hurd and her father are Rockies season ticket holders. Hurd snagged this ball last month: The reason it’s so near and dear to me? The shirt she’s wearing is a shirt!   HERE: Shannon FoulBallz TShirt Ball Snag

It doesn’t seem possible. Floppy hats simply don’t have the rigidness one would think it needed for snagging a ball. My assumption has been proven wrong. Check out this woman with her floppy hat snag at a Dbacks-Brewers game. Impressive she also managed to hold on to the hat.


I get people saying there’s “absolutely no time to react” to a foul ball. Anyone watching a game knows that’s unequivocally false. If fans didn’t have time to react, few if any would snag balls, particularly line drives like this foul ball grab at a Red Sox-Angels game. The young fan earned that applause.


I advocate fans pay attention. I can’t tell if these fans were paying attention to the game or busy eating, but either way, this foul ball was going to be hard to dodge or catch. Yet this young lady managed a #MLB level snag. Words won’t do her abilities justice. She and a few other women certainly make a good case for women to be included in baseball:

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