Derek Jeter Hugs, Sandwich Injury and Confusion over Animals: PWIB Notes for May 4-10

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.


Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of May 4-10 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:


1)     Well, there’s certainly no shortage of MLB players finding new, creative ways to injure themselves. Matt Cain has invented a new excuse for getting time off work: Dainty sandwiches.

2)     All he wanted was a hug. That’s it. Why’s a gesture of love and admiration for Derek Jeter not taken seriously? It was just a hug. This fan, in case you missed it, REALLY wanted a hug from Jeter…kinda creepy. This is what it looked like from the stands:

3)     The lunacy that can be the “first pitch” certainly seems to be reaching new lows. This past week in baseball a T-Rex threw out the first pitch, then proceeded to try to “eat” a Friar. How do we make an eye’s rolling and shaking our head at the oddness emoticon? Cuz that’s what we think of this.

4)     In the “Are you Kidding Me?!?!? How’s that even possible?!?” moment of the week, we learned that the Mets’commentators aren’t the brightest of folks. Words can’t do this clip justice. Just watch and be in awe:

5)     The “AAAWWWW!!! That’s so sweet!!!!” Moment of last week belonged to Red Sox 3B coach Brian Butterfield. Again, words can’t do the story justice. And who says teams have to be competitive all the time. Todd Frazier was totally stand-up on that one.

6)     This dude is something. He gets Buster Posey’s bat then hightails it..or tries to escape..the stadium with it. Um…

7)     What a very weird week. Did you catch the odd base running by A. J. Pierzynski…and the accompanying error by Brandon Phillips and A.J. STILL being out? Apparently air is a practical joker? Unless that was an angel in the infield…Suppose that’s possible.

8)     We MLB fans LOVE double and triple plays, right? How about four in one game by one team? It would suck to be the Rangers last week, especially when the Rockies accomplished this very feat:

9)     Baseball players have to have quick reflexes, and they don’t get much quicker than the Oakland Athletics’ Jesse Chavez. This could have been BAD!

10)Edwin Encarnacion reached the 200 milestone for homeruns last week with this single shot:

CONGRATS Edwin…good name too!

11)And there there was this: A ball boy runs behind home plate while the pitcher is in motion. We’re considering docking the ball boys a point for this move.



Sometimes players don’t care for one another, but as a general rule, they remain cordial. Apparently this isn’t the case with the Marlins’ AAA team. Last week, reliever Chris Hatcher decided he’d had enough of fellow reliever Sam Dyson and in what can only be called a baseball movie cliché, broke Dyson’s jaw in a bar fight. Way to become a cliché guys.


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