MLB Foul Ball Week in Review (September 12 – September 18): Glove Theft, Umpire Concussion & a Tooth Lost by a Toss Up

The MLB foul ball week in review shows that Major League Baseball ended the week of September 11 – September 18, 2016 with about 162 Foul Ball Facials in 162 days of games. These are only those fans hit in the head area at Major League Baseball games as self-reported on Twitter. That equates to one fan per day of play. It seems like a lot, and it is, but it could be fewer because just over 40% of these tweets indicate the fan wasn’t paying attention. To put that into perspective, it means roughly 45 fans (conservative estimate) would have avoided foul balls to the face had they not been buried in their phones.

But that’s not the only thing going on with foul balls this week. Here’s the rundown of the best and worst foul ball and fan-related actions from the past week:



This has to be one of the worst feelings in the world of baseball from a fan’s perspective. It was there. It was right there. But this poor Boston Red Sox fan was denied his foul ball



Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman managed something I’ve never seen before. He managed to hit himself in the back with his own foul ball. This should count as more proof of the dangers of netting. The foul ball nailed him in the back of the head after it bounced off netting behind home plate in the top of the 8th inning:


This fan tried to steal the glove of Chicago Cubs’ Jason Heyward. The St. Louis Cardinals fan was thinking…well, I don’t know…but he did seem to think it was fine to try after Heyward great catch on a foul ball.



This sweet moment pretty much explains itself. A foul ball at AT&T Park comes with a hug from Lou Seal.



Most likely waiting his entire life to get one (something which will become significantly more difficult to do if pro-netters have their way) this dad freaked when his son made the move to toss the ball back to the field:

Speaking of kids, if you follow me on Twitter (@FoulBallz), you know my views on sitting kids too close to the plate. These parents were smart and sat in the outfield box seats. Regrettably, balls do end up out there at times, like this one did. Thanks to hte quick and calm hands of a fan in front of them, the child was safe. #HallOfFame.


Here’s the simplifid version: Los Angelese Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig tosses ball to fan. TOSSES. Fan flubs catch of TOSSED ball. Loses tooth. This is one for the pro-netters, eh? Of all the weird and freak accidents ever, this has to be right up there; it’s definitely one which will go down in the annals of baseball folklore:


Here’s what she tweeted just after it happened:














This is just another warm fuzzy foul ball toss-up post: Brett Gardner tossed a foul ball to his dad in the stands at Yankee Stadium.



Did you see this police officer at the San Francisco Giants – St. Louis Cardinals game make a totally chill foul ball snag using his hat? Grace under pressure.


A 4-year-old Detroit Tigers fan decided to toss the foul ball his dad gave him. In doing so, he launches it two rows and hits a fan in the crotch area with foul ball. Maybe the reports of a crotch shot are slightly exaggerated. You’ll see:

A similar thing happened earlier in the week at an Oakland Athletics – Kansas City Royals game, but without the crotch shot…kinda. The ball tried:


It’s clear we need netting around home plate now to protect the umps. This season seems to have had a rash of injuries to umps, mainly those behind the plate. Plate umpire Brian O’Nora got hit so hard by a Hunter Pence foul ball that he had to leave due to a concussion. This was at the same game during which the cop snagged the foul ball.


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