Foul Balls and Other Plays: Week 2 in the MLB

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we are going to bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of April 13-19, who’s Got Balls?

1) We love it when the young fans snag a ball. Especially when they do it as well as the professionals they’re watching. One great play came from this young Rangers fan:

2) Fans love sacrifice. And in baseball, fans and players are always sacrificing their bodies—and sometimes their reputations—to snag a ball. Pablo Sandoval is no exception. How this didn’t leave a bruise is beyond me:

3) Then there’s this body sacrifice that looks like De Aza may not be having kids in the future.

4) You won’t see football fans doing something like this. A Padres fan hands over the foul ball she snagged…to a Giants fan! Gotta love baseball!

Yea. Like I said, we baseball fans will do pretty much anything to grab a ball (although some people throw back balls, like the home run Pujols hit against the Tigers last week…It’s Pujols’, not Braun’s. Come one people!). Not exactly more gracefully snag of a foul, but it was effective nonetheless:

6) Brotherly love? Guess the Upton brothers got into a bit of a fight before the game? Hmmm…

7) I had heard about this catch, but couldn’t find a video for a while. In fact, our Twitter feeds were all abuzz over this at one point. The guy is talking on the phone. Makes the catch—with competition around no less!—then casually goes back to his phone conversation. No biggie.

8) Gonna call this one a foul ball. It’s a close call, but a painful one. It may not leave a mark like the Delino incident, but it hurt. There’s no doubt about that.

9) I hesitated to put this one in the list because it’s kind of brutal, but it is baseball. Last week seemed to be the week for getting hit by baseballs—falling balls, pitched balls and foul balls. I’m not posting the video, but you’re welcome to look for it. Did you hear about and/or see the poor Little League player might be rethinking baseball right about now? He got hit in the face with a foul ball while he was in the on deck circle.

Have a story or video you’d like to have included in this series? Got a picture or video of a family member embarrassing themselves over a foul ball or making an incredible catch? Email us at and it’ll probably be included in our series on foul balls and other plays outside of the lines.