Rick Porcello, Double Instant Replay Equals Triple Play & Big Papi Predicts Pitch: PWIB Notes for June 30 – July 5

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. We say that as if that’s even an option. We all know it’s not. It’s one of the many things we love about “our” sport. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.


This week is going to run LONG! LOTS of great action and fun last week! Here are the FoulBallz.com Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of June 29- July 5, 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:


1)     Every Detroit Tigers fan with any sense of history knows that The Bird is the Word. One pigeon took this literally, delaying the Oakland A’s – Tigers game for a while. After the incredible grand slam by Rajai Davis to win that game, we wonder if the bird really was THE Bird, Mark Fydrich. Granted, Fydrich left MLB in 1980, but this DID happen during the game celebrating the 1984 Tigers. Who knows? Weird things happen in baseball. Pigeons included.

2)     Jose Altuve of the Astros got picked up by Miguel Cabrera two weeks ago. That may have been the “pick-me-up” he needed to tie a 97 year record.


3)     Seems the Detroit Tigers have a new ace in Rick Porcello. Last week Porcello pitched ANOTHER complete game shutout. To add to this, these were back-to-back shutouts. While Jim Leyland may be a hallowed skipper, there was no way Rick would have had this opportunity under him, so kudos to Brad Ausmus for trusting Porcello to finish both games. What a feeling it must be for the kid.

4)     It was a pretty good week for Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds. He was able to capitalize on two odd mishaps committed by the Padres. On the 6/30 game, he stole 2nd on this play:

The next day he turned a double play on this play:

5)     Guessing the Cleveland Indians appreciated instant replay last week. Here’s why:

6)     Odd plays are commonplace in baseball. We love the unpredictable nature of baseball…like when a single turns into a trot all the way around the bases for a scored run. Well, to clarify, we love these plays as long as they are advantageous to our team. Check out what happened on this Wilin Rosario “single”:

7)     Apparently, Big Papi has predictive powers?

8)     There were a couple milestones last week. The two most notable come from Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter:


Pujols cranked a homerun to move up the all-time list tying Mel Ott at 23rd. Here it is:

Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most doubles for a Yankee. Not bad for a guy in his last season.

9)     Miami Marlins pitcher Steve Cishek showed off his quick reflexes last week with a behind-the-back snag. How’s this for flashing leather?

10)It would be a surprise if you haven’t heard, but Jeff Samardzija is now an Oakland Atheletic. How will this alter the AL race to the end? Time will tell.


11)Finally, check out the incredible catch Leonys Martin makes to steal a home run from the Orioles’s Nelson Cruz. And watch Cruz’s reaction. Mad respect.



1) Remember that guy Alex Rodriguez? He kind of got back into the news when it was announced that an upcoming book states that MLB gave him permission to take testosterone. Granted, that’s not exactly PEDs, but we wonder if testosterone isn’t a gateway drug.



1)     If you’ve been a reader for any length of time, you know that if we have a chance to showcase a veteran, we do. Last week was again a tear-jerker for us in this regard. Both videos come from the San Diego Padres. The videos say it much better than we can:

And then this from the Padres too:

2)     The Pittsburgh Pirates also had their honorable mention moment when they pulled this surprise on the mother of a Navy son. Cue tears:


How many times do we get to see what players do to keep going and have some fun when at work…or not at work? This is what we are going to start showing you here.


1)     Tim Lincecum celebrated his no-hitter in the locker room…with a gladiator helmet?

2)     No love for the sound guy apparently. After the Orioles swept the Rangers, the obligatory interviews started. As Steve Pearce was being interviewed out of the dugout Adam Jones sprints, with a pie in hand. He shows some great basketball moves as he fakes going in on Pearce…only to nail…the sound guy.


3)     No lack of odd things going on with the Red Sox this season. Jerry Remy lost a tooth while broadcasting last week. We can’t make this stuff up folks:

4)     We aren’t entirely sure where to put this, but it seems most appropriate here. Apparentl Rays Skipper Joe Maddon appreciates a little bit of levity—intentionally. Maddon posted on Twitter that he was going with a lineup inspired by a famous song.