Freddie Freeman, More Outstanding Ball Girl Plays, and More: Foul Balls Plays for July 18 – 26

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of July 18 – July 26, let’s see who’s Got Balls? Got balls? Then share your snags on our fan gallery!


1)     Another nice barehanded catch by a young fan. Perhaps the Phillies should sign him?


2)     It’s always impressive when a player can snag a ball while in the on-deck circle. Freddie Freeman is the next player who showed his mad skillz:



3)     Like we need to repeat how impressive the skills of MLB ball girls have been this season. If you still aren’t convinced that they are WAY better than the boys, here’s some more proof. Regrettably, we had a ball girl this week also in our Dishonorable Mention list in our PWIB Notes this week. But compared to the ball boys this year, the ladies are heads and shoulders above them.


4)     Yup. Yet another dad catches a foul while holding his kid. Kinda getting repetitive this season.


5)     Pop goes the mask. It’s a good thing catchers have so much padding and strong masks. Can you imagine what this would have done only 20 years ago?


6)     Reed Johnson’s smart…very smart play to stay alive:



7)     Apparently Cut4 missed the predecessor to this unoriginal fan who brought a fish net to a game. In an epic fail for them, this is what @Cut4 said. But here’s the fan who did it last season:



So who should get the credit for altering the way fouls are caught?



8)     Here is yet another perfect example of why you PAY ATTENTION during a baseball game. This guy is lucky he wasn’t seriously hurt.


9)     And another reminder about paying attention. There’s definitely nothing rusty about Kuntz’s reflexes on this Billy Butler screaming foul ball:



10)Danger in foul territory is not limited to just foul balls. There’s the random foul bat. Tony Abreu’s for example:



Reminder: PLEASE pay attention at games! If you’re a parent, pay special attention. As parents we all know it’s hard to split attention, but at least bring a glove and be wary of where you sit. You can use our app to help you locate the WORST places for foul balls too, thus helping to protect your young. As much as we LOVE foul balls, they are dangerous. They are considered an inherent part of the game, so you are responsible for paying attention. Be careful!


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