Rangers, Rockies, Carlos Ruiz and Another Ball Boy Play: Foul Ball Plays from May 11-17

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we are going to bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of May 11-17, who’s Got Balls?


1)     Our undisputed TOP spot goes to the young man at the Blue Jays-Rangers Game. This lit up, flooded and buried all other cool things on our Twitter feed. And for good reason. This kid is sharp. Smooth. A “playa”. And apparently he has a thing for older women. This kid’s got game!

Here it is again:

And again


This foul ball event clogged our foul ball Twitter feed for three days! Admittedly, we got sick of it, but it is a nifty move by the kid.

2)     And the Cubs curse continues (bad week for the Red Sox and the Cubs!). Never a good sign when there’s a routine foul ball pop up and the two players closest to the play can’t find the POP UP. That’s exactly what happened to Cubs catcher John Baker and pitcher Jason Hammel. Granted, it was out of bounds over the screen, but still, neither of them saw it! And Hammel was looking in the right direction.

3)     The Rockies have something in Carlos “CarGo” Gonzalez. Did you see this sweet sliding catch in foul territory?

4)     Man, this could have been bad. This is in our foul ball list because technically the bat IS in foul territory. Last week, on Mother’s Day, Marlin Jess Mathis lost his pink bat. It flew into the stands and bounced back onto the field. The bat was handed back to him. What did a stand-up Mathis do? It looks like he first signed the bat, then gave it to a kid (who’s a Padres fan!) who nearly got hit with it. Dude. MAD PROPS to you, Jeff Mathis.

5)     How’s about this quick catch by a Yankees fan? Perfect form. Perfect snag.

6)     Did you see Jason Kubel’s foul ball catch? It was a ricochet off a fan—Kubel had no shot at it. The ball bounces off a fan and Kubel snags it with his bare hand then tosses it back to the fan. Somehow this should mean it’s an out. The ball doesn’t appear to touch any part of the stadium itself, but…

7)     The Phillies’ Carlos Ruiz showed us on Saturday how calm, cool and kinda awesome he is with this amazing snag of a foul ball…while he was on-deck!

8)     Other fans get booed and criticized for bringing gloves to games, but when an announcer does it and catches a foul, everybody’s like, “Woooooowwww!!!! He’s cool!” You decide if this is worthy of the “respect” and “coolness praise” the other announcers gave Jose Mota:

9)     The ball boys are catching up! Check out this kid! Saves fans and the mascot from certain pain! Future Gold Glove?

10)We always love clips where a player gives a foul to a fan. It warms our hearts. And the reaction of this woman to Phillies 1B Ryan Howard giving the ball to her is a perfect example of what we love about baseball:

Have a story or video you’d like to have included in this series? Got a picture or video of a family member embarrassing themselves over a foul ball or making an incredible catch? Email us at admin@foulballz.com and it’ll probably be included in our series on foul balls and other plays outside of the lines.