Mother’s Day MLB Style, Jerkwad fans & Some great plays: PWIB Notes for May 11-17

The 2014 MLB season continued to not let us down. Along with the usual dramatic plays, there were some very colorful things too. And I’m all about colorful…and off-color. Here are our Previous Week in Baseball (PWIB) Notes chalk full of on-field and off-field drama and angst, just like we like our baseball.

Here are the Top 10 (or more) PWIB “plays” for the week of May 11-17, 2014—the good, bad and ugly, you decide which:

1) We’ve heard of fans falling over railings and down stairs and across rows, but this is a new one. A fan at the Friday face-off between the Tigers and Red Sox miraculously survived a fall…down an elevator shaft! Our thoughts go out to her and we hope for a quick recovery. We smell a lawsuit though. Sports law states that teams are to protect against controllable and foreseeable dangers. Pretty sure maintenance of elevators is controllable and foreseeable.

2) Former Tigers bullpen coach and now in his freshman year as skipper for the Mariners, Lloyd McClendon did an odd thing last week, he threw his hat into the stands. Okay. It really isn’t odd considering the events transpiring at the time, but of all things to throw into the crowd. He tossed it in a fit of rage over a justifiable objection regarding a third strike call. This may seem out of character to Tigers fan who saw a quiet sidelines guy for years with the Tigers. Doesn’t appear he lost anything when he went from skippering the Pirates to being the bullpen coach with the Tigers though. Nice to see he’s got some fire, even if his Mariners don’t at the moment.

3) It’s just not the season so far for the Red Sox as each week seems to bring more embarrassing plays. First it was AJ Peirzynski last week falling on his face in the baseline and STILL being out after the ball was dropped at second, then this. Yup, the pitcher, Burke Badenhop, threw wide laying out the SS covering 2B, then HE trips on air (or the mound) and does a dramatic flop too. We’re starting to think the Red Sox are being cursed by a spirit. Bab Ruth’s HoF plaque was making its rounds, so perhaps he’s behind these odd events? Is the Curse of the Bambino back?

4) Remember the Abreu week, where, among other things, pitched a game? Seems he may have started a pattern. Apparently there have been so many arm injuries to pitchers this season, then teams are delving into their position players to pitch. Guess they can start cutting down on the number of pitchers in the bullpen. Check out Dodgers catcher Drew Butera’s outing. Only one inning, but with a 94 MPH pitch, he might start thing about a position that isn’t as stressful on the body. Not too shabby.

5) Chris Owings may have had a bit too much sugar or caffeine in his system when he overthrew first base…from second…attempting a double play. One thing’s for sure, legendary announcer Vin Scully loved it.

6) Not sure how to classify this one, but it’s funny and odd at the same time. Superman “saves” the day. Kind of. Literally. Kind of. Just watch:

7) Speaking of curses. The poor Cubs just can’t catch a break can they? Not only are they having a horrible season, but then this embarrassment. A mural commemorating special moments at Wrigley Field has a portion that shows Comiskey!

8) Speaking of super fans, how about this leaping catch by the fan known as “Superfan Chris”, a well-known devotee of the Royals?

9) We hate midges. Those little flying bugs that swarm ad only live for 24 hours or something like that are annoying. And last week, they were SO annoying that a camera crew had to mask themselves—literally—from the swarm:

10) FIVE DOUBLE PLAYS. FIVE! In one game. By the Padres. Just check it out: FIVE DOUBLE PLAYS IN ONE GAME!

1) This lady needs a good ass whoopin’. What grown adult flips a kid the finger?!? You see this lady at a game, SHAME HER!

2) Dishonorable Mention #2 belongs to Mitch Williams, MLB Network analyst (make sure to put emphasis on a word associated with the first four letters in “analyst”). What grown adult treats kids this way? Ugh.

Kudos to the great Mark Texeira who pounded his 350th homer last week. Here it is, #350.

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