Jeter Hits Fan, Foul Bra? and Vitamin B(all) Deficiency Continues: Foul Ball Plays from June 29-July 5

Our new weekly installment of baseball fun centers on the greatest plays outside the lines. Each week, we bring you the top player and fan plays relating to foul balls and anything that happens outside the lines. For the week of June 29 – July 5, let’s see who’s Got Balls?


1)     And cue more great plays by MLB ball girls! Thank Goodness for MLB ball girls this season! If you’ve noticed, there have been a number of quick gloved women in foul territory. We’ve lost count of how many incredible plays have been made in foul territory by the girls, but here’s yet another example of their prowess this season. This one is from a Red Sox ball girl.

Who says baseball is a boys sport? Note to ball boys: Learn something from the ladies.


2)     And cue yet another ball boy screwing up. Not even sure what smarmy remark can be made about this St. Louis Cardinals ball boy. His job is to protect fans from the dangers of foul balls, not endanger a kid by nearly falling on him. Given when his female counterpart did, he’s just sad.


3)     Last week we saw the Blue Jays ducking for cover as a foul ball flew at their dugout. Think the Dodgers have better reaction time to this Yan Gomes foul ball?


4)     Clearly we are head over heals for foul balls (in case the name didn’t give it away). But this Braves fan takes the saying literally.


5)     Seems there was a plethora of Detroit Tigers related highlights last week. And here’s one we love. Heads up play by a vendor.


6)     And then there’s the continued Vitamin B(all) deficiency apparently plaguing youngsters at MLB games. This is clearly on its way to being a an epidemic (see last week’s notes). Here’s a third ball eater.


7)     This young Marlins fan chats it up about his foul ball snag…kind of. But his chance to talk about it quickly dissolves into a discussion about devout Cubs fan dad not allowing his kids to wear Cardinals gear and the matching Old Navy shirts his daughters are wearing:


8)     Donaldson’s catch on the tarp was impressive. We’d be surprised if his ribs weren’t a bit tender the next day.


9)     Not to be outdone by Donaldson, New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli opts to catch a foul over the rail and nearly into the dugout.


10)This is a new one on us. Guess you gotta protect your booty in whatever way you can. Should be rename this ball a Foul Bra?:


11)Jeter hits fan in face with bunt foul ball? That’s not a practical joke. Not April Fools. This actually happened last week. Just watch the video toward the bottom of the story if you don’t believe us.



Reminder: PLEASE pay attention at games! If you’re a parent, pay special attention. As parents we all know it’s hard to split attention, but at least bring a glove and be wary of where you sit. You can use our app to help you locate the WORST places for foul balls too, thus helping to protect your young. As much as we LOVE foul balls, they are dangerous. They are considered an inherent part of the game, so you are responsible for paying attention. Be careful!


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