I’m giving you a list of clues to help you solve the scavenger hunt. Make sure to read all the instructions, because you can be able to skip to the bottom, but there’s a catch (no pun intended).

  • Clue #1 is just for fun. National Foul Ball Week is possible because of him. Search the site to find the right article mentioning him. And click the proper link.
  • Number 2 isn’t hard too. Go to @FoulBallz Twitter, find the day Alan Fish died, and search here again. (Hint: It’s the same month and day National Foul Ball Week starts. Coincidence?)
  • Now it gets harder. #3, you will see, is about lawsuits. There is a case I’m fond of. The suit was ruled on by the courts in the state I, Ed, was born and raised. Click the link in this lawsuit.
  • Number 4 won’t be as rough, but it’s still pretty tough. The average human response time is more than adequate to move when paying attention.
  • I’m hoping number 5 is not contrived. There are two HBO Real Sports articles from 2016. Find the link with the name of the man interviewed by Bryant Gumbel with whom I have an unofficial battle no Twitter.
  • If number 6 doesn’t put you in a fix, then perhaps the next ones will. In 2016, I tallied all the Twitter reports of fans hit by foul balls in the face area at MLB games. You’re next job is to find how many there were during the week ending on September 25, 2016. That number and the link will be your next step forward.
  • This is the 7th If you’ve made it here, you’re nearly through. Go back to Twitter and find the farthest distance a foul ball has travelled immediately after being hit. Then come back to the site and search that number. What you will get is your door to Number 8.
  • Number 8 may seal your fate. Go to the lawsuits pages and find the Major League Baseball team that won a lawsuit by a jury. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. But which case is it?
  • Number 9, oh it’s gonna be fine, but it’ll probably put you in a a bit of a bind. This isn’t any old clue; it’s invisible. Go to this post and search for the invisible link. Click on that and it’s nearly time.

**Once you’ve found Clue #10, then Congrats! You’re the winner! ….Maybe…..Here’s how to claim you prize…assuming you’re the first one here: Email the list of all the links (URLs) you clicked to and all the searches you made to get to this point to me at foulballzed@gmail.com. Once I get that, you won! Maybe.


Don’t forget to play the Twitter contest too! If cleanly snag a foul at any of the games going on this week, post your snag in accordnace with these rules:

All fans who snag a foul ball during National Foul Ball Week and who tweet a picture mentioning @FoulBallz, using the hashtag of #NFBW or #NationalFoulBallWeek, and with a scoreboard clearly showing the game, inning of the snag and score in the background will be entered into a contest.

Fans who snag a ball at a Minor League Baseball game must add #MiLB in addition to the above hashtag. MLB snags will use #MLB in addition to the above hashtags. All MLB snags must also be placed on the 2017 FoulBallz.com Gallery. One winner from each contest will receive a $10 gift card and a special coupon code to use at the MLB Shop or other FoulBallz affiliate program when they click through the FoulBallz.com website link. Winners will be selected at random. Following @FoulBallz and/or multiple entries does not improve your odds of winning.